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quinta-feira, 9 de março de 2017

Hillary Clinton’s message on International Women’s Day: ‘Resist, run for office’

In a video posted to Snapchat on International Women’s Day, Hillary Clinton urged women to “resist” and assert themselves politically.
“There’s a lot to fight for: Planned Parenthood, education, health care, jobs,” Clinton said in the video, published Wednesday. “Every issue is a women’s issue. So stand up, resist, run for office. Be a champion.”
Clinton donned red, the official color of “A Day Without a Woman.” In honor of International Women’s Day, the organizers of January’s Women’s March on Washington promoted the initiative, encouraging women to strike on Wednesday to demonstrate their economic importance. Clinton also wore red Tuesday at a Girls Inc. New York luncheon, where she accepted the 2017 Champion for Girls Award.
Clinton’s words echo a video she released last month, when she called for “resistance plus persistence” from Democrats as they move forward. “Resist,” in particular, has become a call to arms for those who oppose the Trump administration’s agenda.
Since losing the presidential election in November, Clinton has spoken out politically only intermittently, although she has taken to Twitter to praise women’s causes, including the massive march on Washington following President Trump’s inauguration.

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